YOUR Choice of Services

The housekeepers work from your priority list and will focus on your listed needs according to the block of time purchased. That means that you can choose as many services as you want from the following "General Services" as well as from our "Premium Services" listed below. Due to their unique nature, Premium Services are priced accordingly.

General Services

  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Dust/Polish Furniture
  • Dust Mini Blinds
  • Vacuum Drapes & Curtains
  • Clean Chandeliers & Light Fixtures
  • Clean Inside Windows/Windowsills
  • Clean & Polish Mirrors
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Clean Stove, Oven and Microwave
  • Clean Refrigerator Inside & Out
  • Sweep & Mop Floors

  • Clean Counter Tops & Cabinet Faces
  • Load Dishes in Dishwasher
  • Hand Wash Dishes & Vases
  • Polish Brass & Silver
  • Do Basic Cooking
  • Scrub Showers, Tubs and Sinks
  • Clean & Disinfect Toilets
  • Do Laundry
  • Do Ironing
  • Change Bed Linens

Premium Services

  • Polish Hardwood Floors
  • Clean Outside Windows
  • Clean & Organize the Garage
  • Clean & Organize the Attic
  • Clean & Organize the Basement
  • Clean Patio(s) & Deck(s)
  • Rake, Weed and Clean the Yard
  • Prune Shrubbery & Fertilize
  • Mow the Lawn
  • Help Maintain Flower/Vegetable Garden
  • Clean Garden Furniture
  • Clean Pool Floats & Furniture
  • Clean Awnings
  • Wash Aluminum Siding
  • Maintain Common Areas in Condo/Apt Houses
  • Make Trip(s) to Storage Space
  • Wash/Detail Car
  • Wash Outside/Clean Inside Motorhome

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What special projects do you have? A few have trucks for that trip to the dump (or you rent one). Some wash autos, do minor fix-up or paint around the house. It depends on the individual person's talents. The housekeepers make no claims as professionals at everything, but are willing and excellent at taking directions.

So prepare your list! And you be prepared to start enjoying your free time!

"As a trial lawyer, I work long and unpredictable hours. It has been a tremendous help to know that I may rely on Shannon's work, week in and week out, to take care of my home with virtually no thought whatsoever on my part. I know when I walk into my home the evening after my scheduled service, I will feel calm and tidy and clean. What a pleasure!"

Sincerely yours,
Sharon Cullen

         Shannon's Personnel Service, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Personnel Consultant in Dallas, TX